legacy /8

Owen DeLong wrote:

>It was based on 56kbit lines and the primary applications were
>email, ftp, and telnet.

(you have to have the right Yorkshire accent and Monty Python background for this...)

56kbit lines? If only we were so lucky...
We had 9600 V.29 synchronous modems!

Synchronous? My god, how pampered you were.
We had V.32 dialup and those crazy Telebit modems. Got 19.2 once, in one direction, on a good day.

19.2 asymmetric? We dreamed of 19.2 asymmetric!
We had 300 bps dialup using an acoustic coupler.

Acoustic coupler? Luxury!!!
We had to hum the modem tones ourselves into the phone line over a 2500 set with a frayed cord...

(you can go on this way for a long time... We now return you to your regularly scheduled IPv3 NANOG troll...)