Leak or legit ? 11/8


Just saw something suprising : 11/8 just came live from AS23352
http://lg.ring.nlnog.net/prefix_detail/lg01/ipv4?q= .

ARIN's registry didn't change :

Net Range -
Handle NET-11-0-0-0-1
Net Type Direct Allocation
Origin AS
Organization DoD Network Information Center (DNIC)
Registration Date 1984-01-19
Last Updated 2007-08-22

But on ALTDB it's declared as legit :


So it's unlikely a mistake. What do you think happened here ?

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I reached out to ServerCentral network engineering to ask.

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I pinged NTT and Telia, as well - it's weekend nighttime in CONUS, and holiday season in Scandinavia, so it may take a while for folks to respond.

Got in touch with some Telia folks who're in-between flight legs - they're reaching out internally.

Pinged GTT, as well.

ServerCentral say it's legit, and that they have the appropriate documentation.

I encouraged them to reply here.

I've been in touch with ServerCentral and they told me this is NOT a
misconfiguration. Should anybody have questions I recommend you reach
out to the ServerCentral NOC directly.

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This is interesting, the DoD has a half trillion dollar budget, so not sure
what the motivation was to get rid of a /8.

They could be part of the private cloud initiative that I read about
recently. The DOD is trying to condense down the number of data centers
they have to cut costs and leverage better control over security.