Lazy network operators

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Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

That was solved 6 years ago. You let them use port 587 instead of 25.
RFC 2476 - Message Submission (RFC2476)

How many MUAs default to port 587?

The one I use daily does.

How many even know about 587 and give
it as an option other than fill-in-the-blank?

Setting up authenticated SMTP in most MUAs is an order of a magnitude
more complicated than changing port 25 to 587 anyway.

...back to the computer literacy requirement again...
How many support calls you get by requiring 587 instead of 25?

I don't know, but we get a lot of support calls about spam
and viruses, so if we can cut back on those ..

But the subject is still spot-on: not moving customers to port
587 for mail submission because it would be "too hard" is
laziness on the part of the ISP.