Lazy network operators - NOT

>there's no choice at all, really.

Are you suggesting to drop all traffic (which, if widespread would get
attention) or just email?

at the moment i'm proposing just e-mail. but that's only because we should
already be rejecting udp/137 and udp/138 and udp/139 from outside our campuses
and there's no reason to selectively reject that stuff from "broadband" nets.
in the future we may find ourselves rejecting all non-"pull" transactions of
whatever protocol. these are fundamentally access networks, and statistically
speaking, "everything" that's been done with service or p2p from a "broadband"
network has been bad for somebody, somewhere.

If you�re suggesting only email blocking, you'll promote email-peering
agreement, eventually with settlement, architechture.

actually i'm not suggesting it, i'm letting you all know that it's coming;
and, i'm not promoting settlements, but rather whitelists.