Laws governing FTTx ?

I would be interested in hearing from those providing fiber to homes or businesses, and the laws surrounding that.

Specifically, if the builder of a new home or homes allows fiber installation (that is, fiber installed before the home is built and which is wired into the basement wall beside the telco's network panel) by a non-ILEC/non-CLEC, is a permit other than the usual construction permit necessary?

(Certainly an easement will need to be drawn up for the fiber as it crosses property lines; but I am more worried about the ILEC complaining or being able to erect legal barriers).


Patrick Giagnocavo


I believe DirecTV and Dish Networks have programs for developers which
allows them to install coax in a housing development and distribute
the signal from a single downlink.e.g.

I would imagine the legal issues are similar.

Bill Herrin

Up here in Canada anyway, when you approach a developer of a new residential building, or housing development, they want a big cash payoff to let you in. They coin this a "doorway fee" anywhere from $50-$300/unit one time. Then they're gone, and the condo board takes over, and may or may not want to let you stay. It's very frustrating. There's no reason the condo board would realistically kick you out, but it seems kind of silly.

I don't know why they can't look upon it as an amenity, an advantage, as a sales tool! But no, they just want their cash grab. Sigh.

Commercial buildings are usually a lot more enlightened, since they're not built by a builder looking to cash out quickly.

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