Latency question - Juniper MX960 vs the Tellabs 8860

Looking for two latency profiles, best/worst cast would be great for the Telllabs 8860 and Juniper MX960. Looks like the Juniper may be in the 15us range

Both cases would be a 10Gb -1Gb and 1Gb - 10Gb

We’d understand the serialization piece; really looking to provide a customer the hardware latency, we don’t have a great means to test them

Thanks all!


Hey Steve,

15us would be more than you'll realistically see in uncongested MX960,
but it is in the ball-bark. I've not tried Tellabs, if customer is
latency sensitive you probably want to look constant time pipeline
devices rather than run to completion npus. You'll see low single
digit us on typical box. Remember that 10us is just 2km of fibre (1km
of RTT).

Yes thank you Saku! We’ve accounted for the fiber distance. We just want to be able to quote the hardware latency. Thanks for verifying that Juniper; just need the Tellabs... thank you:)