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In large installations, I've always found it helpful when diagnosing LAN issues to isolate floors and departments first - using routers or with devices that can do transparent bridging. That way, you can walk through each dept/floor testing for the issues, and hopefully find only one location its still affecting.

Its entirely likely that there's either a loop of some sort or a switch has gone off the deep end.

If you'd like, let him know if he wants to drop me a mail, I can walk through details about the situation and hopefully help him narrow it down.


You have a massive spanning tree issue....just kidding....check for that though....

Please update us more on your situation and if the other suggestions on the list helped.
Or we can communicate privately, I love troubleshooting situations like this....

Its also possible there are STP issues, so check where you roots are for the vlans and make sure they are deterministically set.