Latency between Dallas and west coast

I would like to know if anyone here maintains average latency ranges between Dallas and Internet Exchanges at the west coast? Is it normal to have around 192ms to 200ms between the two points?

Thanks in advance


It’s 180 ms from Dallas to Djibouti, so no, that much latency to the west coast of the US is not normal.

Or from Gaborone to Frankfurt, which is some 184ms.

Short of long re-route paths or congested, high packet loss links, I'd
not expect the latency between any 2 points in the U.S. to hit 200ms.


NYC to LA is in the high 60ms range, so no, 200ms from Dallas to US west coast is not expected.

thank you all for the responses. i guess i would have to discuss this with our provider.

Hi Nathan

My current rtd from DA6 to SV1 is 38ms and from DRT Houston to LA1 is 30ms