Last NYC 9/11 Internet repairs

As of November 2 2001 every Internet circuit I knew damaged
during or as a result of the terrorist attacks in New York City,
Pentagon and Pennsylvania has been repaired, re-routed, or replaced
by alternative service. Or, regretably, were no longer needed by

Of course, this is only anecdotal information.

Unfortunately you're not correct, UUNET still has a decent amount of clients
in lower Manhattan without service.

UUNET's official web site plainly states their current network status
as of November 6, 2001:

     Outages: None

Absent evidence to the contrary, I have to take UUNET at their word.

Let me clarify...

Several customers in lower Manhattan using UUNet DSL (they resell covad) are
still experiencing outages, they've closed all the tickets and rolled them
up into a master ticket.

As of September 24, COVAD reported less than 450 DSL customers were
without service, out of an original 30,000. The remaining customers
were served by Verizon loops out of 140 West St.

I believe UUNET (as well as several other providers) have offered
customers the option to restore some service through alternative
product offerings. This includes wireless, dialup, and installing
service in other locations.

Are you claiming those UUNET customers weren't offered alternate
ways to restore their service? Or they declined the offer, and
prefer to wait for their DSL service whenever it may be restored?

I can't speak for anyone else, but I know that my company was not offered
any alternatives what so ever. As a matter of fact in a conversation
earlier today the tech on the phone joked that I could have had new service
installed faster than this is getting repaired.

Call your Worldcom/UUNET sales person and ask. Also call your
AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or favorite local ISP salesperson asking if
they have any special services to help businesses recover service lost
after September 11. Different carriers seem to be able to get services
in different places. So you can't assume just because one carrier can't
deliver, no carrier can deliver.

You may not get the exact service, or exact location you had before. If
you are flexible, folks have been successfull getting some service
restored somewhere.