[Last Call: draft-hutzler-spamops (Email Submission: Access and Accountability) to BCP]

(Apologies if you receive this more than once. I am sending it to each list
that is relevant to the topic, in order to make sure the community is aware of
the opportunity and need for comment. /d)


The enclosed announcement is solicits comments on "Email Submission:
Access and Accountability" a modest BCP for basic guidance about an aspect of
email service. (Pretty versions of the document are available at

The IESG needs to hear comments about the utility of this document, with
respect to the operational guidance it provides.

Please consider posting comments, as suggested in the enclosed note, noting
concrete benefits and/or concerns you see for this document. (By being
concrete, you show that you have read the document and understand it; that
way, the IESG can know that you are offering an informed opinion...)