Large-Scale Manageability [Was: Re: [ok] Re: WMF patch]

A few dozen?

Try >10,000. Or 20,000. Or more.

Believe me -- I am glad I'm a network plumber -- I don't envy
the administrative job of managing an enterpise boat-load of MS
desktops -- it's a nightmare.Bbut it would perhaps be more of a
nightmare if they were not MS.

I've seen the scope firsthand, and I repect those folks immensely.

The problems here are many, and needless to say, we shouldn't
be trying to re-hash the debate on the appropriate desktop
enterprise OS, etc. -- that's a dead-end.

What _is_ handy is that that there nice tools available to roll
out patches to each end-system in a manageable fashion.

Now -- if only the patch were available... :slight_smile:

And keeping users' from surfing the web and _not_ clicking on
exploit web pages is an exercise left for the reader (without being
a network nazi)...

- ferg