Lan connectivity loss


We have a meshed network, with two primary hub sites, Router A and Router

[core-rtr]-------------------<[router a]--------------------< frame cloud
      > >>>>>>>>>>>>>
[Router C]--------------<[Router B]--------------------<frame cloud

Router A lost it's connection to the frame cloud. All of the sites hanging
off of Router B (via PVC's) began to experience the same problem:

The routers were able to ping internet addresses, but the workstations on
the local LAN's were not. However, the workstations were able to ping
Router B's serial interfaces facing the cloud, but could not get through to
Router C.

All routers in organization are running eigrp, as well as using static
routes. All routers are in the same AS. Router B 's local LAN was able
to ping any internet address.

When Router A's frame port was restored, the problem disappeared.

Any ideas?

Kevin Badeen
Unix Administrator
Harte-Hanks Response Management
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