Lame Yahoo social engineering scam

I just got the following in my throw-away yahoo account:

    Dear* YAHOO Users,

    Th!s _email _inform_ you that your_ _Yahoo_ ID (
will be b|ocked after 12 D@YS (@S @FTER autoomateed reegisttration) if you
not sign up on YAHOO! WHITE LIST (T0 s!gnup - Click Here:

This is done beecause we* update now` YAHO0! _not_ autoomateed reegistered
user ids.


I dunno what in the blue hell it's called but it sure as hell isn't l337 speak. It's a cross between boken engrish and kindergarten spelling.

C.M.Kornbluth wrote "The Marching Morons" in 1951. A half century of
hindsight has proven the concept correct....