lag testbed needed

a small gaggle of researchers are looking at some measurements over
a setup like this

  .----------. .----------.
  > source |------- RTR ============== RTR ------| target |
  > host | LAG Bundle | host |
  `----------' >= 30ms `----------'

where we run code on the source host pinging and paris tracrouting
to the target and collecting the data.

we have the results from a friendly isp. we would like to be feel more
comfortable that our results are not unique to that isp's network and/or
router configurations. so we would very much apprecuiate some LAG user
who can run the code for us on their network. it takes approx ten hours
and presents a very light load to the hosts.



what platform and what requirements for the network bits? is multiple lag
hops good? bad? other?