LA: fiber between equinix/s&d?

I hate posting to an operational list with this kind of stuff,
but i'm in a bind.

Does anyone have dark fiber (or gig-e capability) between LA Equinix
(600 W. 7th St) and LA switch and data (1200 W. 7th St)?

Unfortunately, we picked a new vendor on this one, and they hung
us out to dry (dragging feet, never completed, etc, etc.) Now
we need it up asap.

Please reply off-list. Salescritters welcome, as long as you are
reasonable (don't try and sell me a $5k gig-e transport.)


Salescritters are better found on isp-bandwidth, not nanog.

Try LA DWP. They have fiber (lit & dark) going between most buildings

Contact is: Eric Taylor 866.DWP.LAON (397.5266)