L3/HE/Inbound Pathing Question

I have ran into this a few times, and have not found a solution:

L3 à

HEà --- blended Provider A --- > Customer

Cogent -- > Customer

Cogent of course is cheaper, and customer wishes to use the blended provder more as backup and/or have most of the inbound traffic coming in the cheaper path (cogent). The issue appears to be L3 and HE specifically (of course they make up a good chunk of inbound traffic) always prefers their customer peers, so even if we advertise any prefix to the blended, those companies (l3/he) always choose to come in though the customer peer and then to my customer.

Any thoughts on how to get around this, and still have some kind of route in the blended provider for failover? Off list is fine.. Thanks in advance.

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Advertise a community to the other providers to localpref your prefixes
down to the point of being a backup.

3356:70 should work for Level 3, you will need to talk to HE and/or your
blended provider for what to use (and whether they support it).

If you're not familiar with how you can engineer traffic on L3's network
take a peek at
3.pdf (slightly outdated but still useful)

As far as HE is concerned, when I asked them about communities a few weeks
ago all they could offer was a blackhole community.

However, as Jay said, you're likely at the mercy of the blended provider and
what they support.