Kudos to Rogers Wireless on IPv6 deployment

So frequently on this list we hear people asking/begging their providers for IPv6 roadmaps or chastising them for the lack of same, that I thought it might be nice to actually give props to a provider actually moving the needle.

I was pleasantly surprised today to notice an IPv6 address on my Android smartphone on the Rogers Wireless LTE network. I had to do a double-take and poke through test-ipv6.com to make sure something wasn't amiss, but there it was: honest-to-$deity dual stack service on a Canadian mobile provider, with a dual-stack resolver and everything! :wink:

So, kudos, Rogers Wireless!

So that's Rogers on the wireless side (with Telus Mobility at last check being in early stages but not yet fully rolled out), and basically Rogers, Telus and a bunch of smaller or regional ISPs that have deployed IPv6 on residential and/or business wired service. Shaw? Bell? (FYI Bell, your IPv6 Starter Kit linked from http://ipv6.bell.ca/ currently hits a 404.

This has also been live on Roger's Fido sub-brand for a while now, too. 2605:8d80:484:: is live in Vancouver.



Sort on "samples".

Seems Telus and Rogers are the only top10 with any double digit % IPv6 users. Telus is at 65-70%, that's a really good number.

I'm also seeing IPv6 on Rogers 4g/LTE on an Android in Winnipeg!
Looks like I'm part of 2605:8d80:400::/38

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