Kremen's Buddy?

Michael [mumble] spewed:
>ARIN does have a way of figuring out that the space
>is no longer in use.

No, they don't.
ARIN has problems around v4 allocation that need to be
fixed for sure.

I fit ras's mold of a person who is part of the machine and
(I'll take a STEAK dinner ras, thank you) I disagree with
some of his statements. Anyone could take someone elses
documentation and exploit the system to some extent. I have
a 105mb of zip you can use to acquire space if you need it
_that bad_. You'd likely get the space as long as you changed
some bits of information within it.

I have found that the more legitimate your need the easier
the process, right in line with membership expectation IMHO.
Let use "volume" as the justification in this discussion and
put it at at least a /16 for general purposes. Show up asking
for the entire /16 you are going nowhere, but show that you have
that many hosts that need access to the net and you are a service
provider, you'll at least get started with something to get you
on the road to a renumbering and return of provider space. It
ain't that hard.

How would you feel if along with the trust measure, some
legal measures were added in? Perhaps this made it easy and
eliminated the entire process of templates altogehter?

- officers of applying companies sign a document stating that the
   demonstrated utilization is accurate and that the IP's will be
   used for purposes in compliance with Internet standards

- companies agreed to have IP space allocation and utilization
   reviewed and certified by their auditors and results submitted
   to ARIN on a yearly basis as condition of use

I'll see you in the lobby Sunday for my free trip to McCormack
and Schmicks. :wink: