Keynote/Boardwatch Results

It would appear that everyone is pretty smugly satisfied by concensus that
the performance series we ran actually measures server performance and that
since all ISPs run weeny home servers, this was not "really" a test, flawed
methodology, etc. I corresponded with Doug the Hump at Digex about this.
I've liked this guy since I first met him largely because he's funny and
doesn't take himself too seriously. He's got a yen for black helicopters
that still has me in stitches.

Humph. Doug the Hump indeed. Well, Alex @ our shop wants an Apache
Helicopter for our NOC as well. I'm laughing because I'm not sure anyone's
called him that before...

Anyway, I'm thinking of putting on one of our core routers :slight_smile:

Think that'd help?

Actually, what we'd do is make it a loopback interface on all of our
core routers and thus you'd hit whatever the closest router to the
querying machine is, bypassing much of the network.

Hmm. Have to try that one out.

Anyway, I have to take a look at some of the test sites (saw some of
them listed in the new Directory) and see if I can figure out some
of the topology of the testing.

Jack - could you put up IPs or whatnot of the sources (the test sites)
for people to "tune" and test to? Littleton, CO 80123