Keynote/Boardwatch Internet Backbone Index A better test!!!

In any event, the networks have total control and responsibility for their
own web servers, much as they do for their own network if you define that
as something separate from their networks. We measured web page downloads
from an end user perspective, and those are the results in aggregate. If
it leads to a flurry of web server upgrades, and that moves the numbers,
we'll know more than we did. If it leads to a flurry of web server
upgrades, and it FAILS to move the numbers, that will tell us something as

So, these providers should be wasting their time to upgrade the web server
that their own site sits on JUST to come out better in a survey?? Just by
hinting at a flurry of web server upgrades you're pointing to the fact that
that issue plays at least a small part in the results. Even a small
variance like that can throw th results off to a large degree when the
results are aggregated (like the outlying 14.x versus rest were 4.x results
that was mentioned earlier by someone - memory lapses as to the name at this

I would certainly hope that these providers have better things to do than
upgrade their own web server just to prove a point through a study which
seems to be biased away form its intentions. Like someone else mentioned,
the study says it is measuring backbone performance, when in fact all that
is being measured is how fast web pages load. Come on...