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Mr. Black:

That is not precisely true. How do you KNOW that the STUDY gives no
details, when you can't have possibly SEEN the study YET. You don't think
my logic is flawed. You don't know but snippets of what the logic IS. You
don't like what you see of a summary sliver of the results from a PRESS

Jack Rickard

i see, so i am to understand you wish us to simply *trust* that your
results are valid based on vague references to your methodology?

hey everyone, i have just completed a study that indicates in some
circumstances a 28.8 modem is faster than a DS-3! no details at this
time, but i swear it is all true!

This isn't as silly as you think.

At the February NANOG, Van Jacobsen showed the results of some research in
which they discovered some situations where web pages could be retrieved
over a 28.8k modem link faster than over a workstation connected to
Ethernet, connected to a T1 line.

Just remember, that TCP flows are not water flows and aggregated TCP flows
in a big pipe do not behave at all like aggregated water flows in a big