Keep Ukraine Connected


for those wanting to help - please see below and for an up-to-date list of needed equipment.

Also: "Our contacts in Ukraine are desperately seeking professional grade fiber splicers. If you think you can help, either by donating equipment or financing a splicer, we’d appreciate an email."

Forwarded with permission.

----- Forwarded message from Jan Zorz - Go6 <> -----

Dear community,

Sorry for another rather long email, but there are more and more requests from Ukraine operators coming in and we have no other way of getting specific equipment other than ask you - the community!

Lately we got specific requests for fiber optics welding/splicing kits, specially from Kharkiv region that is/was under brutal attacks and lots of infrastructure is damaged. Let me copy/paste parts of messages that keep coming in so you get the feeling what people that are trying to keep the lights on in the fibers in Ukraine are dealing with:

"In Kharkiv we provide continuous network access to other Ukrainian operators and providers. Our network suffers critical loads now because of shelling, and our co-workers repair it, sometimes, under the shots. We lack necessary equipment and tools and are not able to order. There is an urgent need for an optical fiber welding machine (as we have to work in difficult conditions). The amount of work is growing, but the maintenance is missing. We want to ask you, if it's possible, to give us at least one machine fujikura or fitel. We'll be glad to receive even a used one, the most important is it should work."

"I also wanted to ask - Do you have, maybe some power backup systems? Also there are our partners in the city - internet provider, who have de-energized nodes for 2-3 thousand active subscribers, in which there is simply no electricity ..."

"is there any possibility to send some more of the same optical fiber machines? and if it is possible two or three of the simplest optical reflectometers."

We are getting more and more similar requests, so our question to community would be if anyone has any new/used/spare FO welding/splicing kit to donate to Ukraine friends to keep the Internet up&running and people connected? Same goes for UPS systems...

We at GNA have secured one Fujikura 41S+ Fusion Splicer Kit with CT50 Cleaver - partially donated by one of their distributors, partially covered by money donations to GNA "Keep Ukraine Connected" initiative that many of you sent in last couple of weeks and we are very grateful for!!!

First delivery of requested hardware to Ukraine is now being coordinated with with our colleagues from the Ukrainian Association of Rights Holders and Content Providers, the Ukrainian Internet Association (UAI) and Ukraine Ministry of Digital Transformation and will take place next week.

We would like to secure more fiber optics repair equipment and UPS systems before next delivery, so please - if you are willing and can help - contact us at for hardware donation or donate some funds at below web page so we are able to purchase needed equipment and send it to Ukraine with next delivery.

Thank you again, Jan Zorz
on behalf of GNA/KUC initiative