Katrina Network Damage Report

While I agree that all kind of consumer devices will be most probably the
first application of IPv6 at every home, office, etc., the BIG usage will
come from sensors of all kinds. Probably will count by thousands at every

I'm sure that we will never fill in the 64 bits address space of most of the
subnets, but what it seems a waste of bits is actually a feature for
autoconfiguration, cryptography and other usages still to come. And yes, we
need easy autoconfiguration for so many IP-gadgets.

Autoconfiguration also means that their are not numbered one after the other

And yes, having more addresses means also that every device can turn on
end-to-end security, which is already an improvement versus today Internet
with IPv4+NAT.


Jordi, as I told you at APNIC 20, end to end security and host based
security models are not something that are in any way unique to v6,
and end to end security of the connection / transport matters very
little indeed if the hosts at either or both ends of the connection
are compromised.