Katrina Aid Request


I don't often post to this list, but some here know me. They can verify what
I have to tell you.

I'm an ISP in Metairie, Jefferson Parish. The Co-Lo where my equipment is
located is about 5 miles west of the center of New Orleans. To be precise, it
is at 106 Metairie Lawn Dr #300, Metairie LA 70001. It is run by CommTech

The ISPs housed there are CommTech (who is also an ISP, commtechesp.com),
Digicomm Systems (webdsi.com), and Southern Star (sstar.com) along with parts
of Bayou Tech (teche.net), Skycom1 (skycom1.com), and TriParish

The building and the equipment made it through the storm OK. Like everyone
else in the area, we lost commercial power during the storm. We ran on the
generator for 11 days.

Because of the extended run time, some of the ISPs agreed to kick in and help
pay the fuel bill since it was more than the Co-Lo could afford by itself. It
cost about $2500 per day for those 11 days.

We are all small ISPs, ranging from 1 to 10 employees. This additional cost,
on top of everything else, is a heavy burden. If you would like to help us
with this expense, we would certainly appreciate it.

If you are so inclined, you can send mail to CommTech ESP's temporary office
which is set up at Bayou Tech's location. The address is:

    CommTech ESP c/o Bayou Tech
    Attn: Jimmy Roussel
    314 Chennault St
    Morgan City LA 70380

Thank you.


    John Souvestre - Southern Star - (504) 888-3348 - www.sstar.com