karl and paul, expostulating

In the last two weeks or so I got spammed from SPRY/Compuserve at lest
half-a-dozen times. You don't seem to be blocking them, do you?

No. But I do block the /32's used by spammers to relay mail through Prodigy.
I have not personally been spammed via Compuserve recently, and moreover they
have been very active in getting their Sendmail upgraded to make this kind of
unintended relay service stop.

I don't have a hair trigger on this gun -- it takes quite a while for me to
decide that someone can't/won't come around on their own. And when I block
things I do it with as long a prefix as possible, since I am not trying to
penalize anybody and I want all "cooperative" portions of the net to reach me.

Thanks for asking, even though your implicatory tone is very damaging to you.