Just how big a load are UDP broadcasts?

I run a small network of small sites, including a couple in the
Adirondacks with 56k feeds. When a user of one of these sites uses
one of the UDP audio or video services it drives the 56k to 100%
saturation (load 255/255) and makes the site unusable for everyone

Recently I "solved" this problem by blocking this traffic at the entry
port for my T1 feed. To my surprise, both the average and peak
traffic on the T1 dropped by a factor of 3, although less than 2% of
my users complained.

Traffic on my T1 wasn't the issue, but this has me wondering: how much
of the Internet congestion my users do complain about is due to UDP
audio/video services?

In my very limited view of the world, UDP is a very poor network
citizen among protocols. Am I wrong in that view?

no not really. udp unlike tcp has no form of inherent rate control
and must rely on the application, unlike tcp which performs rate
control (congestion control).

for sake of discussion we can roughly equate net citizen ship with
how fairly it uses the network, in otherwords it's cc. this being
the case udp is not really a citizen, (since it has no cc) like tcp
is, rather the bad citizen is the application or the user. :slight_smile: