Just got on this thing (perhaps very belatedly) - root server trouble?

Hi folks,

Just joined over here.... probably rather belatedly...

What's this about root server problems?

For what its worth, I haven't seen any. Then again, I don't run here with
the IANA roots -- I run eDNS.

Perhaps those who are unhappy with the stability of the IANA roots these
days should try them...

http://www.edns.net has a rather simple way to do this (yeah, it doesn't win
any artistic design awards, but the information is there.... the page is
brand new, just put up this afternoon)

We've been running on eDNS now for something like seven months, and have
had ZERO operational incidents recorded by our NOC which have been related
to root server failures or problems.

Now .COM servers -- that's another story. We had the problem with the bad
data a couple of months ago like everyone else. But this wasn't a root
server problem (and never was traced to the roots).....

Give it a shot folks. I know lots of you have political dislikes for the
eDNS concept and implementation, but if your nameservice is unreliable now,
having trouble, and you can *FIX IT* for your customers by using eDNS
instead, isn't finding and using a better mousetrap what your customers
all pay for you?

Think about it!