Just from curiosity....


It is somewhat unfortuante that there are lots of versions about, and
development seems to be proceeding with multiple variants. [oh well]

There are at least 3 that I know of. Yours, LBL traceroute (the
original), and Eric Wassenaar's traceroute.

LBL traceroute is available from ftp.ee.lbl.gov as traeroute.tar.Z;
notably it recently added support for sending ICMP problems (marching
through firewalls), and it does recognize ICMP administratively
unreachable packets. For some time LBL had not released any new
versions, but began doing so again at the tail end of 1995.

Eric Wassenaar's traceroute is available from ftp.nikhef.nl as
/pub/network/traceroute.tar.Z, and is billed as having these

        o Optional ttl reporting.
        o Optional use of the loose source routing facility,
           to show the route between arbitrary destinations.
        o Enhanced portability, to run on a variety of platforms.
        o Improved timeout handling during icmp packet catching.
        o Option to probe all addresses of multi-homed destinations.
        o Option to disable fragmentation and perform MTU discovery.
        o Recognize various new icmp packet types.
        o Round-trip time reporting in fractional milliseconds.
        o Option to display the Autonomous System number for each hop.
        o Option to display the network name for each hop.
        o Configurable default options via environment variables.
        o Optional setting of initial ttl to skip first hops.
        o Optional min/avg/max rtt statistics summary for each hop.
        o Include standard deviation in rtt statistics summary.
        o Cache nameserver lookups to minimize DNS queries.

I apologize for this foray into something that people might possibly
consider useful on this mailing list; please return to the regularly
scheduled drivel.