Junipers / Concord

Can any Concord admins clue me in on how to configure Network Health so
that it displays ifDescr as part of nmsName? Our current configuration
requires manual effort to create an alias for each interface element even
though Concord knows about ifDescr. That's obviously an annoyance for
reporting purposes.

When I discover Juniper devices, in particular, Concord refuses to
populate nmsName in poller.cfg with any useful information...I see that
it's using mib2-rfc1573-v2c*.mtf for MIB translations on Juniper devices
but I'm not certain what needs to happen there (if anything) to make the
poller populate nmsName properly.

Concord's support tells me we need to purchase an additional level of
support to fix this, but I imagine other people have found the same issue.
Please respond off-list as I realize this is not exactly on topic.