Juniper to Watchguard IPSEC

You have not specified what sort of settings you are using (PSK vs
CERTS, Algos , route based VPN etc)

However something along the following lines is working fine for me:

set ike gateway "**************" address Main outgoing-
interface "ethernet0/8" preshare "**************" proposal "pre-g2-
set vpn "**************" gateway "**************" replay tunnel
idletime 0 proposal "g2-esp-aes128-sha"
set vpn "**************" id 0x7 bind interface tunnel.40
set vpn "**************" proxy-id local-ip remote-ip "ANY"

Anyone have any experience with IPSEC between a WG Firebox and

Juniper >SRX/SSG? Running into some problems and beginning to think
there might be >some incompatibilities in their IPSEC options.