Juniper M series/Cisco GSR comparison

I'm sure I've missed something on this in the past, but I'm looking for
objective sources for a comparitive analysis between Juniper's M10
and/or M20 routers and Cisco's GSR 12000 series. Specifically, I'm
interested in the pros/cons of deploying each of these boxes at an
AS boundary in a large service provider network.

Some areas of particular interest to me include:

1. Fault Tolerance - Ability to recover from hardware component failures
2. BGP Robustness - Ability to process high levels of BGP updates
   without affecting forwarding performance; stability of routing
   code; interoperability between vendor implementations
3. CoS features - performance during congestion; results of different
   queueing and congestion control approaches
4. Interface performance - performance of individual line cards (OC-12
   and OC-48 PoS)
5. Total system performance - aggregate switching capacity results
   under load

I'm not looking for opinions or vendor bias - only documented testing
done by reliable (and hopefully objective) sources.


Matt Correll