July DNS

The guard’s face
reddened again, and the veins in his thick neck stood out. “I said take
offyour pants, faggot!You can’t hide your tiny little cock any more!” Chris jumped
back, startled, and James began to chuckle. Chris could feel a slow
heat rising up from his neck. I’ll
show this guy.
“You asked for it,
asshole!” Chris grabbed his suspenders and tore them off his
shoulders, letting the baggy black pants drop around his ankles.
Before the guard could say anything, Chris grabbed the waistband of
the sweats with one hand, and plunged the other in to wrap under the
massive girth of his anaconda. He put his hand under the middle of
his shaft, and twisted his whole body as he pulled upward, wriggling
his nineteen inch limp cock out of his pants. He lifted it as best he
could, and struggling, freed both of his huge, heavy balls from the
sweats as well. Swinging free, the sheer weight threatened to almost
throw him off balance, and Chris staggered around the room a bit,
further unbalanced by the pants around his ankles. Chris clapped both
hands on his thick cock and lifted it upward, waving it at the guard.

“There! Here’s
my tiny dick that I was hiding! See how little it is! I’m sooo
ashamed of having a tiny penis! If only I could be big like you,
Officer James!” Chris swung his huge prick from side to side,
reveling in the weight of his cock and balls.
The guard stood
stock still, eyes wide with amazement. He turned bright red, from his
collar to the tops of his ears. He started to stammer. “S-s-sir..
I’m really…I apologize…it was my mistake. I..”
Chris cut him off,
still holding his huge meat in both hands. “It’s damn right it
was your mistake! Your mistake messing with the biggest fucking dick
on the planet! You’re lucky I don’t beat you senseless with my
huge cock!” Chris could feel the blood surging into his prick, and
felt it beginning to swell and thicken in his hands. Yeah!
Thought youwere the big boy, did you! Wait till you see how big this boy gets!
Suddenly, Tracy’s
voice came through the door. “James! What is going on in there?!?
You’re just supposed to escort him to the office! Are you OK, sir?
I’m coming in.” Chris heard her keys rattling at the lock.

Did hipcrime turn his talents to nanog?