jon postel

25 years ago, jon postel died. we stand on the shoulders of jon and
others, a number of whom died in october. not a cheering month for
old timers.


is it candle time?

Jon was very kind to me when I was a wet-behind-the-ears network engineer. He once showed me around ISI and gave me an entire shelf of down-version Cisco manuals. I had a Cisco 2500 peering with ISI in a maintenance closet in the ISI parking structure. A single T1 let me run a few dozen Livingston modems for my nascent ISP.


I wasn’t even born yet when he died, but as humans we are lucky to have had someone like him, along with a great many other folks along side him. One of my professors at Michigan (his name eludes me for some reason) always had a great many stories about him and other folks in that time period, must have been a crazy thing to watch unfold in real time. I wonder if he knew it would have become what it is today.

I wonder if he knew it would have become what it is today.

one of my favorite postel quotes

    It's perfectly appropriate to be upset. I thought of it in a
    slightly different way--like a space that we were exploring and, in
    the early days, we figured out this consistent path through the
    space: IP, TCP, and so on. What's been happening over the last few
    years is that the IETF is filling the rest of the space with every
    alternative approach, not necessarily any better. Every possible
    alternative is now being written down. And it's not useful.

think of the folk making careers complicating dns, rpki, bgp, ...