job screening question

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For screening questions (for 1st level filtering), IMO, the questions
has to be straight to the point, for example:

1) What is the LSA number for an external route in OSPF?

This can have two answer: 5 or 7. So, I will accept if the candidate
answer 5, 7 or 5 and 7. Later on (the next level of the interview), a
techinical interviewer will chech if the candidate understand the
differences of LSA 5 and 7.

Maybe I was not too clear with my answer.

The main idea was to execute a first level of filtering to separate
the candidates that put information in their CV that does not match
with the basic requirements for the position.

For example:

- requirement: strong knowledge in routing protocols (list of
protocols, including OSPF)

If the person don't know the answer about the LSA type, it is already
out and you don't need to alocatte a technical interviewer for that.

On the other hand, if the person correct answer the question, it does
not mean he or she is a good candidate. But at least you can allocate
an tech interviewer to check in details the person's knowledge. And
will the person guess all type of basic question he or she can get in
the first level of interview ? Well, if the homework was properly,
maybe. But then at least you have someone with attitude (preparation
for the interview).

I agree with who answered that attitude is one important point. If in
your organization you can allocate a tech interviewer since the first
interview, that IMO will help a lot and it is the best scenario for
recruiting. But even though you get a strong technical engineer, you
still need to assess his soft skills.


Agreed. I wouldn't know the answer to this nor do I care....

Not because it's not important and not because i couldn't figure it out, but because it's like asking me to implement the spec.. Now if you asked me about what a bgp marker or mp-nlri looks like I can answer that. Same goes for why ssm, and what multicast groups shouldn't be forwarded off-LAN. (And those that you might want to hack around with an application relay to other LANs).

- Jared