janog/fukuoka is in the last day of two day meeting. 330+
attending despite being quite far from networking centers of

general impressions
  o food much better than nanog, much better
  o but no snacks at breaks
  o program all ops/tech, no gl!tz, no vendor or what wonderful
    things are coming that i can tell
  o much emphasis on running safe services, peering, routing,
    etc. even one on datacenter design for earthquakes
  o truth about how-we-do-it as opposed to trying to look good
    (talks can even be "do not take notes or report what i am
    saying beyond this meeting)

see <http://www.janog.gr.jp/meeting/janog16/> for official page

see <http://rip.psg.com/~randy/050729.janog/> to see how much
    it looks like a nanog


Thank you very much Randy for an introduction of JANOG.

We're really delighted to have you as a presenter here in
JANOG Meeting !!

MAEMURA Akinori, JANOG Committee

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