JANOG 34 Meeting Report

Dear Colleagues,

We'd like to share some of the discussions from JANOG 34 held in
Takamatsu-city, from 17-18 July with over 500 participants.

While our discussions are in Japanese, we believe there are issues in
common with operators outside Japan. An english version of the Summary
Report and a report on anti-spam measures session is be made available
this time, below.

JANOG 34 Summary Report and "Let's talk about IP anycast"
      : http://goo.gl/IbKzkQ
Pick up Session: "Measures against Spam after OP25B"
      : http://goo.gl/uY4lxk

The topics discussed are not limited to these two topics of course.

Please see the translated overview of the program and the presentation
slides (in Japanese but some have visual images and data).

Program Overview (English): http://goo.gl/KhrpRZ
Program and Slides (Japanese): http://goo.gl/Q61oeh

Here are some examples of the topics covered:

* Use of technologies
    - Visualising network events
    - Advantages and disadvantages of "white box networking"
* Operational issues
    - Blind spots of IPv6 PMTU Blackhole Discovery
    - NTP attacks: "NTP Talk WG": http://goo.gl/5RL50v
    - OpenSSL heartbleed bug
    - Stopping full table routing changed my life @ AS55394
* Social aspects
    - Seeking change in the cost structure of content delivery
    - Balance of outreach on security issues
    - What is good higher education for future engineers
    - Cultural differences in software and network engineers

At the meeting, we ran the JANOG 34 network with IPv6 ULA-only and
ULA + GUA SSIDs, which was presented at the IPv6 Operations session @
IETF90 in Toronto.

ULA Experience at JANOG 34

Positive findings
- GUA + IPv4 (Private) and ULA is harmless (at least for MAC OS)
- SLAAC/ULA and DHCPv6/ULA works well
- ULA operation/configuration is not hard

- Android devices did not come up without IPv4
- IPv4 only applications still exist (Skype/dropbox)
- NAT66 on ULA only network should not be recommended , but it worked

If you have any feedback, we welcome comments or questions on JANOG
mailing list "janog@janog.gr.jp":


* Subscription page first appears in Japanese but it's possible to
  switch to English from pull-down menu options on the top right

The coming meeting, JANOG 35 will be from 14-16 Jan 2015 in Shizuoka
Prefecture. We'll update you with more details through our SNS accounts
as the date gets closer.

Masataka Mawatari, Izumi Okutani
JANOG Internationalization(i18n) team

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janogmeetingi18n
Twitter : https://twitter.com/janog_i18n