IXes and AS length

So I just found out that the IX we're looking to hook up with (Equinix) doesn't allow downstream ASes. How does that functionally work?

Stepping outside my ISP for a moment, I know a building owner with several buildings that provides Internet to his tenants. He's getting an AS so he can have upstream diversity. Unless carrier A or ISP B have direct private peering with whomever (Amazon, NetFlix, Google, FaceBook, etc., etc.), that building owner doesn't have a route to those services? They can't utilize carrier A or ISP B's public peering connection? How can that possibly bee with with every ISP being required to have their own physical presence on the exchange? That's just not practical.

I understand not having parallel ASNs (advertising both ASN A and ASN B separately) from a sales perspective, but I don't understand ASN A advertising directly on the IX, but not allowing ASN A's downstream customers of ASNs B, C, D and E.

Am I wrong or is this just an Equinix thing?

I'm not sure how they can do that. Equinix is Layer 2 - your peering parameters are between you and your peer?

I believe you have misunderstood Equinix's policy. I believe the generally-applied policy is that you may not have multiple MAC addresses on the same physical port, which typically means that you can't easily peer using multiple ASes directly on the exchange switch fabric.

If you believe that this doesn't answer your question, please quote the Equinix language that you're looking at, so we can help you better.


That’s exactly what I was thinking… Equinix doesn’t really have anything to do with that part of the peering ecology.