IX.PR Launch & Meeting Information

Hi Folks,

I would like to keep you guys informed, The IX.PR, formerly known as
PRIX [what made us famous!] is going to be operational very soon , we
will be holding a launching fest & meeting related IX.PR , Benefits and
BOF Session at 22nd of November 2005, if you are near PR by any chance
and interested in coming to the meeting, please register yourself
http://www.ix.pr. The meeting is free and it'll start with a continental
breakfast at 9:00 and continue at 9:30 with several presentations and
research results about IX.PR , and after a bof session nic.pr will be
sponsoring a lunch for the attendees . There will be probably a more
technical section afternoon which will include BGP peering + IpV6


Thank you for interest.

Mehmet Akcin - mehmet@ix.pr
IX.PR Project Coordinator

PS: I know they are many people (from ISPs/Govt/Universities and Banks)
from PR subscribed to NANOG, hopefully we will have them attend to the
meeting and peer with the IX.