Ivan and outages

I'm looking for operational status information from Grenada, Jamaica,
Grand Caymen, and Cuba. Anyone with clue drop me a note off-list, I
will post a summary.

I have some involvement with a telecom/internet company located in
Grenada. This was sent to me in the last day or so.

With reference to staff in Grenada, 4 out of 6 involved people are
accounted for. The country as you are probably aware has lost over half
it's buildings. Over 90% of the ones left are damaged. The electricity
will not be restored to the island for an estimated 3-4 months and
communications are currently only possible from cellphones in a couple
of places.

The office roof collapsed destroying the office and with the rain that
followed, anything remaining un damaged was then drowned. (Technician)
has collected all the hardware and is attempting to dry it out, however
without electricity and with the current state of emergency, we can
neither test it or fly it out of the country.

Apparently, there country is under military control; no people allowed in
our out. "State of Disaster" has been proclaimed.

Also, it is being said that there is a general food shortage.