It's way too quiet

> I have a number in my head as to what I consider broadband. It's not
> an unreasonable number but it certainly does exceed what is available
> to the average consumer.

> Oh wise nanogers, what speeds do we need to achieve for the average
> consumer before we truly have broadband?

Neglecting the debate about how to define "broadband," I've long
maintained that homes and small offices should have whatever people have
at work - otherwise telecommuting, small businesses, contractors, and such
are at a big disadvantage.

That makes "broadband" (or perhaps "standard practice") a moving target. A
few years ago that was 10mbps. Today 100bps is becoming the norm (and most
PCs come with 10/100 cards). Pretty soon we're talking gigabit ethernet.

If you're deploying a new system today, gigabit fiber-to-the-home seems
the way to go. Check out to see what's available
to support that.