It's way too quiet

Since it’s so quiet in here, I want to stir things up a little with an informal survey.

With all of this talk about broadband (mostly in reference to cable modems and xDSL), consumers have been tricked into actually believing that if it’s faster than a modem then it’s broadband.

I have a number in my head as to what I consider broadband. It’s not an unreasonable number but it certainly does exceed what is available to the average consumer.

Oh wise nanogers, what speeds do we need to achieve for the average consumer before we truly have broadband?

I will try and keep track of all the numbers that you give you an average and I’ll also give you the number I had in mind.


Larry Diffey

**Incidentally, I am at this very moment wearing a t-shirt that says “Will work for bandwidth”.

In January 1999, the FCC defined broadband as a connection to an
end-user with speeds greater than 200 kbps in both directions.