Its not just Spam and DDOS anymore (was Re: OT: Re: User

> ... but so far they've only succeeded in making it worse.

Computers are absolutely capable of this, but as with security in
general the problem lies with the people that are controlling what
they do...

i agree, but we may mean different things. most people have no control
over what their computer does. see popunders for example, which the
commercial version of netscape doesn't have a way to disable, while
the free "mozilla" version does. (and of course msie has no way to
turn it off.) see the dmca and riaa govern what can and cannot be done
with content. try and uninstall macromedia on a windows machine. amuse
yourself by studying the doomsday weapon presently called "palladium".

so while i think you mean "one of the reasons computers are subtracting
from rather than adding to the average user's privacy is because the
average user doesn't want to perform the difficult acts of mental focus
and usage discipline that would be required by such a privacy benefit".
and i agree. however, the bigger reason is that privacy is not a benefit
in the eyes of the people who are truly in control of the world's computers.
so, if it's going to happen, it's going to have to be a grass roots thing.

I agree 100%. When I refer to "people in control", I'm not speaking of end
users generally(unless you happen to be a user that wrote and/or
audited their own OS and every piece of code that runs on their boxes,)
but rather the programmers, and those who write their paychecks(where

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