Its not a worm, just Mother Nature

     There was also a fire in the basement of a telco hotel in
Cleveland, OH due to a blown/over-extended transformer. The building
was evacuated and power to the building was shut off by the Fire
Department between 9am and 1pm EST.

According to news reports the Keith Building at East 17th and
Euclid is a 20 story, high-rise building. Both the main fire
alarm and the its backup failed, so no fire alarm sounded. Damage
seems to be limited to the basement, and smoke damage as it rose
through shafts and ducts in the building.

     There was no damage to any telco equipment in the building
that I know of. had some circuits down, but I haven't heard of any damage
to telco equipment. I don't know how many other providers had
equipment in the same building.

The Keith Building is home to several ISP's, including APK Net (the
largest local ISP) and CoreComm (Voyager) Ohio. It's probably the
most wired building in the city. I don't know which backbones have
facilities in that building besides PSI (except that I know Verio doesn't;
they are down the street a couple blocks).

When I read "telco hotel" I figured maybe the fire was in Tower City, in
one of the old retail spaces that was converted...