Its not a worm, just Mother Nature

There was also a fire in the basement of a telco hotel in Cleveland,
due to a blown/over-extended transformer. The building was evacuated and
to the building was shut off by the Fire Department between 9am and 1pm

     There was no damage to any telco equipment in the building that I know


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Yesterday, Chicago and the midwest was hit by severe thunderstorms.
Power was disrupted in several cities, and even now at least one
provider still recovering somewhere in the Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland
area. Today, Florida is getting hit with a tropical storm. A couple
of providers seem to have a few connectivity problems.

Pretty much another day on the Internet.

Any word on whether the transformer was owned by FirstEnergy or Cleveland
Public Power? (I've not been on the net or reading the newspaper today.)

The Cleveland Memorial Shoreway (Interstate 90 coming into town from the
east) was flooded near downtown this morning... we got a buttload of rain.