It's always fun

From Fri Jul 11 08:17:27 1997

It's always fun when the major West coast IXP goes down--Mae-West MFS.
Every peer from our Mae-West NASA AMES router to MFS is down, as well as
our MFS router. I'd suppose everyone else is seeing the same thing.
And the MFS NOC isn't answering the phone, after being on hold for 15 mins.
Anyone know what is going on?


MFS reports a "major" outage at the Mae-west node. they were vague about
the nature. since only our nap fddi connection was affected, i'm guessing
it is power related. as far as i know, no eta could be provided at the
time that our noc spoke with MFS.


Hmm..If there is a power problem, then why aren't some of the routers
down too.. I see up/up on my FDDI card and have a downstream neighbor..
if that is the case, then the Gigaswitch must have power???