It Continues...Sprint Is played the fool...

- the service provider must have the capability of isolating any
   external network addresses and connections within 10 minutes of
   notification about operational problems of its other customers and
   network connections -- including (but not limited to) broadcast
   flooding, connection flooding, routing loops, address spoofing, mail
   spoofing, and mail spamming.

I can't think of any provider in existence today, that implements
reconfiguration of there routers, or guarantees response to any
network problem within 10 minutes. How much do you plan to pay for
your network connection?

- The service provider will guarantee reimbursement of costs for each
  minute (or fraction thereof) beyond the specified 10 minutes.

I also can't think of any provider that doesn't have a disclaimer
clause in their contract about not being liable for any damage due to
loss of service.

Good luck finding a provider.