Issues in New York?

Hi, NANOGers.

This post is on behalf of Alif Terranson. If anyone can lend a hand
or share insight, please pass it along! Thanks!

    We have all manner of equipment freaking out at State
    Street's POP, and can find no reason for it: M20's, BSNs,
    Yurie's, etc. Some of this equipment isn't even on public
    networks, or in any way connected to other "freaking"
    equipment, so we are at a loss as to what's happening.

    Some of our stuff has rebooted, and some of it has simply
    ceased to function: obviously, our #1 candidate is a local
    power issue, so we are looking for any "me too" incidents
    we can find.

    Is anyone else having issues down there?

    Replies on or off list appreciated.

    Alif Terranson
    Savvis Communications
    (314) 628-7602