Issue with Sprint Wireless


We are developing an android app that moves a fair amount (in the 1-2 digit
megs) of data up and down over an application specific encrypted pipe
(basically a custom VPN). We see great performance when we use wifi (of
course) and very reasonable performance on Verizon Wireless. However, on
Sprint, we are seeing consistently poor performance, no matter what phone we
use. These results are independent of date, time and location, so it
APPEARS to be Sprint wireless related. Eventually, everything does go
through but it takes 5x to 10x the time it takes on Verizon Wireless.

Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, they can relate off list? I
don't *think* this is an outage, just the way the Sprint Wireless network
works. If there is a Sprint Wireless engineer on the list that could
contact me off list, that would be greatly appreciated.

Mitch Tanenbaum

iPhase3 Corp

Every cell tower is different, every region is different, good performance in one region on one carrier, maybe the exact opposite in another region on that same carrier. That's quite a bit of data (assuming 1-2mbps...not sure what "digit megs" are) you're trying push through a cell network especially 3G. Is it possible your Verizon testing is on Verizon's 4G network while Sprint's is 3G?