ISPs blocking port 53? (was Re: Annoying dynamic DNS updates)

but no matter how good an
idea it is, my complaint is still that sending e-mail toward the whois
contact for a network or AS# should elicit a clueful reply, and if it
doesn't, then the key word we're looking for is "cost shifting". (and
that, in case y'all wondered, is why this is relevant to nanog@.)

It's also relevant to the upcoming ARIN meeting in Chicago right after
NANOG. There is a policy proposal to change the whois directory so that
it only contains contact info for people who are ready, willing and
able to act as contacts for an address block or AS number.

Right now whois is a cesspool with too many people who are unable
to do anything about network issues or who don't understand
network issues or who have moved on and no longer exist.

If we clean this up, then it is entirely reasonable for you
to ask the community to give a higher priority to complaints
from someone who is also listed as a whois contact. But right
now I don't see any good way to systematically identify
clueful complainers.

--Michael Dillon