ISPs are hit hardest by COVID-19 disruption



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Not that I have seen. Ours held up just fine. No more and no less than normal stuff. We had to do the 'traffic shuffle' (a new dance move; no really! :slight_smile: but that's it. They quote numbers like they know every outage on every ISP's network, though.


If there’s anyone I dislike more than opportunistic sales people that lurk on NOG mailing lists, it’s “consultants” who “research” the “telecoms landscape” so they can give you a “5-year strategy document” on where your business needs to go, that you will be asked pay good money for… money that could have gone to actual problems. Mark.

Despite the telecoms industry being what it is nowadays, I'd say most
ISP's, globally, have actually benefited from people needing to use the
infrastructure more than ever.

Even for operators that may have lost some customers, revenues were
actually up.

Telecoms research consultants are paid to write reports. There is no
actual requirement for them to know what we really do.


The findings from Thousand Eyes seems reasonable and data driven, but Mr Barker’s article on that report seems to have reached the wrong conclusions and added a sensational headline that doesn’t jive with the data at all (IMO).

My take on the Thousand Eyes findings: ISP’s performed more planned upgrades in March-June than they did in January. Covid may have been a kick in the butt for ISPs to finish projects that were already in the works or start new upgrade projects. Nothing to see here.

This reminded me of a quote I read a long time ago: “Most people use statistics like a drunk man uses a lamppost; more for support than illumination”